Seenons aims to bring people together for a waste-free world. Seenons uses clean technology and smart logistics to allow business waste to be matched with a circular processor that upcycles it into new products giving it a new life.

Investment: early seed investment 2021


Bringly is a sustainable first-to-last-mile ecosystem. Bringly’s platform offers both small and large retailers the opportunity to deliver quickly, sustainably and efficiently. Bringly does this in a sustainable way by using bicycle couriers and electric vehicles.

Investments: pre-seed investments 2021 & 2022


With millions of products in hundreds of cities across the globe, Peerby is the pioneering platform for sharing consumer goods. Peerby envisions a world where every product is part of a regenerative cycle.

Investments: early seed investment 2021


BIYU is a platform for on-demand access to high quality products for EUR 10 per month. Delivery & pick-up by bike courier. The future of rental.

Investment: pre-seed investment 2021


Greencast’s software enables companies to accurately measure, understand and report their climate impact – 365 days per year.

Investment: Pre-seed investment 2021

Plant B

Plant B makes and sells delicious and healthy plant-based frozen meals.

Investment: pre-seed investment 2021

Circular IQ

Circular IQ develops a software platform that enables businesses to measure and improve their circular performance and report on their impact.

Investment: early seed investment 2021


FIGO’s sustainable mobility solution enables employers and employees to move from mobility ownership to pay-per-use.

Investment: early seed investment 2022

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